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About us

It was in 2013, when Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jain started the journey of Pooja Raganee. Started as a small manufacturing unit of comfort innerwear in New Delhi, now bloom to spread the joy of comfort and styling all over India, to adore the beauty in you.

India being the most diversified country, Pooja Raganee cares to cater all body types, colour and occasions/moods. We are the producers of largest varieties in the Industry with products ranging to cater the needs of all body types with unbeatable competitive pricing which has lifted the brand to the top most position.

From the finest seductive lingerie to ultra high performance functional sports innerwear, from casual young fashion styles to formal innerwears, the ever strong styles of Pooja Ragenee offers fascinating products for women of all ages and for those special unique moments.

500k+ Happy Customer

20+ Awards Won

9 Years of Experiences